We have made an application to form a Not-For-Profit Organization in the name of AnnFrances. The name of the Not-For-Profit Organization is:  “AnnFrances Tropea Foundation for Sarcoma Research and Support Services to Families Afflicted by Sarcoma” or “AnnFrances Tropea Foundation” for short. Once the foundation is created, we will apply for a charitable status. Aside from being shocked, we as a family did not know where or who to turn to for support services that could have helped our family cope with AnnFrances’s condition. Now, in the name of AnnFrances Tropea Foundation, we are able to raise funds, not only to form relationships with research universities to fund research on Osteosarcoma, but also to provide support services to families afflicted by Osteosarcoma. We thank you for keeping the memory of AnnFrances alive in your participation in events such as Bingo for Annie and the 2020 Gala.

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